Slippery Belle MANCHESTER

Titters and Tassels MANCHESTER

Wildvixen Legends Fundraiser BIRMINGHAM

Cherie Bebes Burlesque Revue MANCHESTER

Starphoars – Nerdlesquers Assemble HEBDEN BRIDGE BURLESQUE FESTIVAL

Slippery Belle at the Lowry SALFORD

Kunst Cabaret MANCHESTER


Burlesque at Richmond Tea Rooms MANCHESTER

House of T’Boo Burlesque IPSWICH (Includes Comedy Confidence Workshop)

Burlesque Noir BLACKPOOL


Portrait and Plumes DARLINGTON

Steampunk Weekender HAWORTH

Looking Glass Burlesque WARRINGTON

Whip and Kitten RAWTWNSTALL


Titsalina’s Comedy Confidence workshop : Bumsquash Boost MANCHESTER

Hosting as Fanny Trump at Burlesque at Richmond Tea Rooms

T’Boo Burlesque – Ipswich

‘Laugh Your Knickers Off Comedy Cabaret’ – Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival

Titsalina’s Comedy Confidence workshop : Bumsquash Boost LEEDS


Dr. Sketchy’s, Bristol

Cherie Bebe Burlesque revue, Manchester

Honey Trap Cabaret Anti Valentines Show, Farringdon

Slippery Belle, An Audience with DIRTY MARTINI and friends – LEEDS

Slippery Belle, An Audience with DIRTY MARTINI and friends – MANCHESTER

Cherie Bebe Burlesque Revue, Matt and Phreds, Manchester

Frou Frou Club, Knaresborough Arts Festival, Knaresborough

House of Burlesque, Harrogate

Star Bizarre, Sheffield

Dr. Sketchys, Nottingham

Honey Trap Halloween Show, Farringdon

Frou Frou Club Halloween Show, Todmorden Hippodrome


700 (1)

Cherie Bebe Burlesque revue, Birthday Party, Manchester

Claire Seville’s Bad Girl Bash, Birmingham

Orgazmatron Strikes Back, Burlesque Cardiff,  St. Peters Hall, Cardiff

Copperfeel Cabaret, Bristol

Dr. Sketchys Bristol, Bristol

Hundred Watt Club, Newcastle

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, Legend in the Making Competition Judge, The Little Theatre, Hebden Bridge

Burlesque at the Pi Bar, Leicester

Kiki’s Cabaret, Burnley

Green Eggs and Glam, The Dancehouse, Manchester

Legion of Doom PRESENTS The Cabaret At The End Of The Universe (Part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Cheeky Devils Club, Ipswich

Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Tawny Kay Presents, Doncaster

The Cats Pyjamas, Grimsby

Cherie Bebe at Richmond Tea Rooms, Manchester

Slippery Belle, Leeds

Dr. Sketchys, Nottingham

Bang Tidy Charity Ding Dong, Halifax


The Slippery Belle presents Burlesque! The Lowry, Manchester

Cherie Bebe Burlesque Revue, Birthday Party, Manchester

Dr. Sketchys Anti Valentines Special, Hudderfield

Daisy Cutter’s Gaza Strip Burlesque and Cabaret, Barrow in Furness

Finger in the Pie Cabaret, Madame Jojo’s, London

Slippery Belle Burlesque, Cleckheaton Town Hall

The Cat’s Pyjama’s Burlesque, Octopussy 8th Birthday Party, Grimsby

The Burlesque and Cabaret Club, Dublin

Judge at Legend in the Making Competition, Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival,

Bristol Burlesque Festival **Exclusivity** opening night, Bristol

The Slippery Belle Burlesque, Manchester

The Slippery Belle Burlesque, Stories from the Strypt, Southport (Part of Spookport Festival)

The Frou Frou 3rd Birthday Halloween Special, Hebden Bridge

The Dublin Burlesque Festival, Circus Macarbre, Dublin

The Night Train Revue, Rotherham

Coochie Crunch, Bristol

Cardiff Cabaret Club Presents Festive Fruits Charity Show (Headliner), Cardiff

The Slippery Belle Burlesque 8th Birthday Show, Manchester


The Slippery Belle Presents BURLESQUE! ‘Farewell Show’, Manchester

The Slippery Belle presents BURLESQUE! ‘Stories from the Strypt’ Halloween Special, Manchester

A Proper Bang Tidy Winter Warmer, Stanley and Audrey Theatre, Leeds

Cherie Bebe’s Burlesque Revue, Manchester

Slippery Belle Presents BURLESQUE! Dewsbury Town Hall, Dewsbury

Dr. Sketchys Everything Changes/ Nothing Stays the Same, Chester

Cherie Bebe’s Burlesque Revue, Valentines Special, Manchester

Tidy and Tips, Club Tropicana, Halifax

Al Rudge’s The V Club, Stourbridge

Slippery Belle’s Sixth Birthday Party, Manchester

Coquette Burlesque and Cabaret, York

Dr. Sketchys, Miss Out of this World Pageant, Chester Music Theatre, Chester

Burlesque Idol, Madame Jojo’s, London

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, Legend in The Making Competition, The Little Theatre, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, Closing Gala, The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge

Late Night Cabaret – Comedy and Burlesque, Wirral

The Big Bang Tidy Birthday Bash, New Bradford Playhouse, Bradford

Frou Frou Club, The Little Theatre, Hebden Bridge

Burlesque Halloween Special, Hereford

Cabaret Regale, The Dancehouse, Manchester

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